Wheelchair dancing

Wheelchair dancing

Wheelchair dance – whether as a sport or just for enjoyment – encompasses whatever that combines activity with music, from a slow waltz to freestyle dancing.

Wheelchair dance, offered by well over one hundred wheelchair sports companies, lots of special colleges, dancing clubs as well as associations throughout Germany, is identified by a vast array of types of movement and expression. It encompasses standard dances, for instance the slow waltz or tango, to Latin dancings like the samba or jive, through to jazz and modern dance, dance theatre and also balancings, to name just a couple of.

Various formations

A distinction is made in between combi-dances, where the dancing pair consists of one professional dancer with an impairment and also one able-bodied dancer, duo dances, where two wheelchair individuals dance with each other and solo dancings where a dancer with a handicap dances alone. 4 or more couples dancing with each other, half being mobility device users is referred to as a formation dance.

Presentations in Germany and abroad illustrate the imaginative and showing off range of mobility device dancing. Dancing workshops, training school, dancing events and also dance days are attracting a growing variety of dancing fanatics that have terrific fun putting their power into learning dancing rhythms both in as well as with their mobility devices. Sporting competitions as well as affordable occasions also challenge lovers to develop their skills until they can participate in German, European or globe championships.

No restrictions

“Mobility device dancing is socially acceptable!” Wheelchair professional dancers have taken to the flooring at dance celebrations, galas and also sporting wedding celebrations, discos as well as events. Whether classical, intense, vibrant, standard, sensual, dreamy, flirtatious or hostile: the wheels turn, quit, move forward as well as back and the rhythm is converted into actions of the head/shoulders as well as arms. There are no restrictions to the showing off as well as creative dance variants, with or without devices.