How to Look Good in Pictures


Taking pictures is easy for some people – but borderline impossible for most! It’s hard to understand why unless you know the right tips and tricks on how to get it right.

If you’re having a hard time getting along with the camera, you might be missing out on some of the key aspects of taking good pictures. Luckily for you, you’re about to read about them down below! Here are 5 tips to look good on camera!

  1. Get everything ready ahead of time

Whether it’s going to be a professional photoshoot or an amateur session with your cellphone camera, it doesn’t matter! Try to get everything in place before you start. That way, you will be focused on taking great pictures and nothing else.

There are a lot of elements that come into play when you want to take the perfect picture – but you should worry about three alone: the lighting, the background, and yourself. If those three are on point, so will be your pictures.

The lighting should be used strategically to show your best features; the background should be subtle and simple enough as not to take attention away from you; and you need to be ready: wearing the right clothes, using make-up if necessary, and with enough confidence to know that you can do this!

  1. Wear the right outfit for the picture (and yourself)

One of the most important things in a picture is how you’re dressed. It’s not only important because good clothes will make you look good, but good clothes will also make you feel good. If you’re feeling bad, you’re bound to look bad in your pictures – and that’s no good!

There are many ways to dress right for a picture. You can either choose something that you love and trust or go shopping. Sometimes, one of the best ways to look good is by wearing something brand-new.

It doesn’t matter if your clothes are old, new, or something in-between. The important part is that you feel good about yourself and comfortably so. This will help you take the best pictures you can!

  1. Don’t force your smile!

We all have different smiles and we all smile differently. It doesn’t matter who you are, everyone has a beautiful smile waiting to show – all you need to do is learn how to show it! If you already know how to smile, that’s great. Otherwise, follow these tips:

There’s no need to show teeth: A lot of people think smiling is all about showing teeth. They’re wrong! You have to do what comes naturally to you. A natural smile is always better than a forced smile. If you naturally show teeth when you smile, that’s good; if you don’t, that’s good too.

The best way to smile is by being in a good mood: You can’t smile if you’re sad or upset. You can trick yourself out of your bad mood to smile, though. Think about what makes you happy or ask someone to make you laugh. After that, smile!

If you’re not sure about it, practice: One too many people are insecure about their smile. If you’re too, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Practice in front of a mirror until you feel comfortable about it.

  1. Find the right angle for you

Angles are fundamental when it comes to taking pictures. You need to position the camera in the right place at the right angle. You should be posing at the right angle as well.

You need to position your body in such a way that favors you. Your face should be at the right angle too; maybe your left side looks better than the right, or vice versa (don’t worry, we are all asymmetrical to some degree!).

The right angle will make a huge difference in your pictures.

  1. Keep trying until you get it right – multiple attempts are okay!

On a final note, don’t get upset if you can’t take a good picture right away. People who look great on social media take dozens if not hundreds of pictures until they get a good one – yes, a lot of people are willing to take hundreds of pictures to get a good one.

If you practice, you’re bound to get multiple great pictures!
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