Get an adjustable bed to get a deep and relaxed sleep


Some behaviors seriously interrupt sleep,try an adjustable bed for a better sleep. Stop Cable,video games and smartphones. These devices emit a blue light similar to the daytime,which activates a wakefulness function. It is also best to avoid them at least 1 hour before they go to bed. While there are now a number of “blue light” mobile applications out there,it’s best to prohibit screens in the bedroom.

We’re forgetting about the worries

Taxes,accounting,copies to right,we’re forgetting! At least 1 hour before you go to bed,get in good condition for sleeping: perform a hobby you enjoy (meditation,knitting,painting,reading,etc.) and set away your “to make lists.” Even to be forbidden,marital disputes! Nothing like getting mad,then rehashing your pillow and sleeping poorly!

Our tips for sleeping well for two adults

  • Light sleep: get back to sleep quickly and put an end to a nocturnal awakening?
  • The bedroom,the sleeping spot … And to make love
  • It’s important to respect the function of your bedroom,it’s a place to sleep,not a multi-activity space! On the other hand,we’re not saying no to hugs and sex,which raise the amount of oxytocin. This love hormone helps relieve stress by decreasing the stress hormone level of cortisol.

The space at the proper temperature

Ideally,turn the temperature in your room at 19 ° C. And sleep with your warm feet! Scientists have just shown that the heating of the extremities facilitates the vasodilation of small arteries and thus the circulation of blood. This helps to fall asleep. Dare to rehabilitate the socks in your room! In black and of silence.

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To sleep best,it’s best to immerse your Serta Motion california king adjustable mattress in total darkness: close the shutters,invest in blackout curtains,or put on a sleeping mask. Silence is also important to ensure a restful sleep. If your neighbours are noisy or your partner snores,invest in earplugs.

A decent mattress for a good night’s sleep.

It’s hard to live dreamy nights when you’re lying on a twisted Serta Motion california king adjustable mattress,or when the slightest movement of your roommate makes you leap. The mattress is updated every 10 years,how old is it?

Sleep of pregnant women

Sleep is also interrupted at 3rd fifth. Minor pregnancy disorders will interrupt you,back pain,acid reflux,baby movements,etc. Don’t hesitate to speak to your midwife,who will give you some advice about sleeping better when pregnant,including investing in a breast-feeding pillow. You can practice sophrology or yoga as well.