Advantages of Steel Doors


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This article is a step away from our norm and tackles the advantages of installing a steel door. Virtually every building you construct, it’s going to need a door of some description. So it is understandable that choosing the best solutions is important and here is why we consider steel doors worthy of consideration.

When companies are looking for doors for their commercial establishment, the versatility and durability of steel metal doors are often overlooked. Because of their hard-wearing material, steel doors are best suited as an exterior facing dooring solution as they can easily withstand the elements and the rigors of heavy traffic. In recent years they have also become increasingly popular in residences as they offer an extra layer of security. But their primary found in commercial buildings, schools and stores.

How a steel door is constructed?

Its steel door is not made from one solid piece of steel, instead they usually include either a polyurethane or polystyrene core that is then encased in steel. When you’re purchasing a steel door, look for a product with a gauge rating of 16 to 24.

Factors to consider when purchasing a steel door (cửa nhôm Xingfa)

1.When you’re looking to purchase a steel door and the frame you should ensure that the design and cut out of the door will match your establishment

2.Consider the design, color and even frame of the door that will best suit your establishment’s exterior.

3.When you purchase a factory primed steel door these can be painted in whatever color you like, but if you want to have a more durable long-lasting finish on your door, get the manufacturer to add the paint for you.

Fire rating and steel doors

Despite what you might think, a steel door and its frame isn’t automatically fire resistant. To ensure you purchase a fire resistance steel door, it will have to have a 20 minute fire rating and usually a 20 gauge steel skin.

In other words, it has been designed to resist flame and heat for up to 20 minutes, allowing patrons and staff to safely exit the building in the event of a fire. I still need to ensure that the purchase should have the fire rating certificate.

You should always remember your building code will require and fire doors rating to be clearly displayed

A wooden door v A steel door

Price is always a primary concern when you’re purchasing any construction materials and doors are no different. Too many companies purchase wooden doors as they’re trying to save money, but they lose sight of the fact that the few dollars they save is being lost on the longevity and durability gained when purchasing a higher quality door.

Obviously a high quality wood door can have an exquisite finish, but these can be even more expensive than steel on occasions. Wooden doors can also easily warp, twist, bubble and peel due to the fact that they absorb moisture, making the need for replacements more common. Wooden door also requires regular maintenance.

A steel door requires little or no maintenance once I’ve been installed correctly. They’re durable and resistant to cracking or rust, which means they last longer and save time and money in the long run.

Steel doors are also more energy efficient as they have far more insulating properties, which means they help with reducing your heating and cooling costs. Steel doors are popular in Asia as they have stood the test of time and environments with higher temperatures and more precipitation. Steel doors can also be chemical and bulletproof bullet resistant, offering your property higher levels of security.

Doors are more versatile and they’re as easy to repair as a wooden door, the only difference being that you need a little more than wood putty to repair them.

Any commercial premises should want to install reliable and durable doors, regardless of the cost, especially in establishments but experience high footfall.

Although steel doors do dent and scratch easily repairing them is easy and it will be uncommon for any damage you find to cause a replacement, which is far more common with wooden or fiberglass doors